Amanda Barrandey

Board Member

As a longtime social worker who is committed to her profession’s future, Amanda is honored and proud to form part of a dedicated team of individuals striving to make Utah communities an accepting and welcoming place for all by actively pursuing social justice and empowerment, especially for marginalized groups and individuals, through education, research, and community engagement. She has extensive experience working within her community for the past 20 years. Amanda has practiced as a case manager, advocate, therapist, and clinical assistant professor in settings ranging from public education, public mental health, victim services, school-based mental health, and postsecondary education.  Amanda possesses strong people skills, enthusiasm, fluency in Spanish, and a demonstrated commitment to serving all people with dignity and respect. 

Amanda desires to positively impact her community and create a safe and inspiring environment for generations to come. She aims to build a legacy where her colleagues, students, and family can describe her as being a compassionate, kind, dedicated, and optimistic person with a sincere passion for social work and teaching. Teaching, mentorship, collaboration, enjoyment, and engagement are all integral components of a rewarding life and profession, and she cannot think of a better way to contribute to her well-being and community. She loves visiting her family in Mexico every opportunity she gets and her most cherished role in life is being a mother of three and the favorite aunt of many.